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Having problems getting your photos to rotate?
Having problems getting your photos to rotate?
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See this article for more information about photos uploading sideways.  The below article is about when you have tried our photo rotate method, and they are still showing 'un-rotated'.

If your photos appear upright on your computer, but when you upload them they are sideways, it may be a problem with the meta data, and an inability of our server to read the fact that it should be upright.  This is why we have included a photo rotate option.  Simply check this box, hit save, and any photos selected for rotation should rotate when the page reloads.  If the photo doesn't rotate, try hitting the refresh button on the top of your browser a few times.  If it still doesn't switch rotations, then you'll need to follow these steps.

The image is stuck in what we call cache.  The server that holds your photo is not seeing that this photo has changed, because it thinks it knows what it should look like.  It's basically ignoring the fact that you've told the photo to change, because it's sure it knows what this photo looks like.  It's the same size, has the same name, and is the same file type.  Surely it must be the same photo it remembers.  So we will need to change this.

Method 1:
Use the screenshot feature on your Mac, Android, or iPhone, or the Snipping Tool pre-installed on your Windows machine to screenshot the photo in the proper orientation.  As far as your computer can tell this is a completely different image because it's a picture of your picture.  Make sure you name it something different, and upload it to the site.

Method 2:
Use a photo editing program to rotate the photo properly, (you can shave off a pixel or two from the sides to change the image size if you want to be extra thorough.)  Then save it as a different name, AND filetype as the original.  If it was a .jpg, save it as a .png or the other way around.  Then upload it to the site as before.

That's it.  If you have trouble with any of this, you can always send us your photos and we can follow the same steps to correct it for your listing.

Best of luck!
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