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How do I create or setup my LinkU blog?
How do I create or setup my LinkU blog?
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In order to use the Blog feature, you will first need to setup your Blog.

To do this, login to your website administration panel, and click on My Blog.

  1. Enter a name or title for your blog. Keep it short, it is just a title, similar to a title of a book.

  2. Enter a short description for your blog, perhaps describing what it is about.

  3. Enter your location. This refers to your geographical location, such as city and state.

  4. Select your time zone and enter your e-mail address.

  5. If you want to use a e-mail signature in your blog, just type that in the E-mail Signature box. This is used for certain e-mail features that may be used by the Blog.

  6. Click Create My Blog.

  7. This will create your blog and will then allow you to login to your Blog Administration.

After creating your blog, you will probably want to add articles to it. That is the next main step to using a blog, is adding posts. We do have another support article which provides instructions on how to do this.

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