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How do I get FTP access for my website?
How do I get FTP access for my website?
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By default, FTP access is not available for LinkU websites. This is because of the way certain LinkU sites store website data and access pages. The websites are designed to be controlled via the website control panel and most items are not saved in the websites directory, unlike conventional web hosting methods. Generally, all changes to the site have to be done in the control panel. The custom pages you create from the control panel do not appear in the FTP.

In special circumstances, FTP access can be given for an additional cost. FTP access will vary based on the type of package you have. Generally to grant FTP access to a client, we simply need to know what your specific access needs are for the FTP and what you want to upload via the FTP. We can assist you in determining the best way to proceed, with or without FTP.

If you would like to have FTP access, please submit a support request with the following information:

What is the primary purpose for FTP access?
 Who will have access to the FTP folder?
 What do you want to upload to the FTP folder?

Please keep in mind, content, design and templates cannot usually be accessed via the FTP. Please talk to a support rep if your primary purpose for FTP access involves these items.

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