By default, you can have your VoiceConnect link/banner appear on your Contact Page and on your websites menu.

VoiceConnect allows your website visitors to call you using your web site toll free. When VoiceConnect is used, the visitor will input their phone number, the system will then call you then when you answer, connect you to the visitor.

To change the position of your VoiceConnect banner, do the following:

  1. Login to your website admin.

  2. Click the Voice Connect icon.

  3. From the Banner Location menu, select either the Top of your Menu, Bottom of your Menu, Bottom of Website or custom location.

  4. If you choose custom location, our system will not place the banner anywhere. You will need to use the VoiceConnect Banner (shown on that page as well) on the page where you want the banner to appear. You will need to place that code into the HTML view of your content editor.

  5. You can also create a hyperlink to your voiceconnect feature using the VoiceConnect link, also on the Voice Connect properties page.

  6. When done, click Save Changes.

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