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Photos on the agents/employees page appear distorted.
Photos on the agents/employees page appear distorted.
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The system will automatically resize your photo to the required size of 100 x 109 pixels. However for some photos this may distort the image.

We recommend resizing your photo to 100 W x 109 H before uploading it to the website.

If you photo editing software that will allow you to crop/re-size your photo to the appropriate size, we suggest downloading the software available from the control panel. This is a free (no registration required), web-based application that will allow to crop/re-size your photos and save them to your computer for uploading to the website.

If you would like to have your photo professionally re-sized/cropped by a member of our staff, we can do that for you. If this is what you would like to do, please submit your photo to our support department through a support request with the photo attached; you may submit this request from your website administration. When doing submitting the support request, please be sure to let us know what agent or office the photo belongs to, to ensure we apply the photo to the correct agent or office.

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