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How do I add a list or page of links to my website?
How do I add a list or page of links to my website?
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By default, a Helpful Links page is included with your website. This is a page designed to allow you to easily add some helpful links for your clients and visitors. You could also opt to use a blank custom page to add links, however the Helpful links page will format the links and page automatically.

If you have a lot of links (over 50-100), you may want to consider the Link Directory feature.

To add links to this page, you will use the website admin.

  1. Click on Website Content.

  2. Scroll down, Click Add/Manage Helpful Links.

  3. Add the link information and description for your link.

  4. Click Add Link.

  5. Continue adding links as necessary.

  6. The format of the link, hyperlink and description will be created automatically on your Helpful links page.

  7. Next you will need to enable your links page.

  8. Click on Return to Main Menu.

  9. Click Navigation Menu.

  10. Click Edit Navigation Menu.

  11. Find the menu item Helpful Links.

  12. Click to enable the menu item.

  13. Click Save Changes.

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