There are a couple ways to create SMS responses for your listings or other content on your website. Keep in mind some of these features require the mobile upgrade, so if your package doesn't include mobile, or the mobile upgrade hasn't been activated, then you may need to contact Client Services.

If you have the mobile upgrade, a mobile site is not required to use these features, you must simply have the mobile upgrade enabled for your account and package.

PROPID Listing Text Response

One way is to use the PROPID feature. This is automatically generated for you, for each listing, by simply using the LinkU listing ID of your listing. You will notice with each property there is a code provided such as: Text 'PROPID 123456' to 46786. If a user were to text that information to the number provided, 46786, they would receive a text message back with the property information and a link to the property.

The advantage to this method is, it is automatic and works great on flyers or certain other types of ads, or disposable signs.

Dynamic SMS Text Response

Another way is to use dynamic SMS response codes and keywords. Using dynamic SMS text codes are great for signs or other marketing materials in which you'll want to reuse the same text codes for different content, promos, or listings.

To use this feature, you have to manually create the SMS response code for your listing. You can do this easily the first time when editing a listing, My Website Section -> My Listings -> Manage/Edit Listing (for the desired listing) -> Create Dynamic SMS Code within the Marketing Tools section.

Or... you can create it from Marketing & Leads Section -> Tools -> Add Dynamic SMS Codes, but doing it this way, you will need to note the LinkU listing ID that was assigned to the listing. This is not the MLS number, but the ID that LinkU assigns to the listing when you add it to your control panel. You can find this ID within the Preview link shown for each listing when editing it, for example:

You can also create SMS responses for other content on your site as well, as desired.

  1. When you create your SMS code, you will be asked to select a prefix. This is required and cannot be changed.

  2. Then you enter a keyword. We recommend using a random number, or initials with a number, when using keywords for listings. This makes it easier for reusing them, since they won't be specific to the property. Keywords cannot contain special characters or spaces, only numbers and letters.

  3. For redirects, other than Listings, you can enter a response message to accompany the link that will be included in the text message.

  4. Next you select what type of link will be included in the text message for the user.

  5. Click Save Changes.

Make sure to text the SMS code to ensure it is working and redirecting properly.

Re-using Dynamic SMS Text Codes for Listings

Once you have used a text code, you may want to reassign it to a new listing. This can be easily done from the control panel under Marketing & Leads Section -> Tools -> View/Manage Dynamic SMS Codes.

  1. First, you will want to have the listing ID of the new listing your going to be reassigning the SMS code to. You can find this ID within the Preview link shown for each listing when your are editing it, for example:

  2. Once you have the listing ID, return to the SMS Code page then find the SMS code you want to edit.

  3. Click on the name of the SMS code.

  4. Update the listing ID for where you want the SMS code to redirect to.

  5. Click Save Changes.

Now the SMS code will send the link and details for the new listing you assigned to your code. Make sure to text the SMS code to ensure it is working and redirecting properly.

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