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Setting Up your LinkU Mobile Website
Setting Up your LinkU Mobile Website
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NOTE: Mobile Websites are Not Available for Shopping Cart or FS Websites
As of now, due to the complexity of the shopping cart and FS websites, sign up process and search functions, no mobile site is currently available. We are considering releasing a mobile version minus these features for those clients who insist on a mobile version, prior to the release of our responsive platform.

Once the new platform is released, FS websites will be available using only responsive designs, which will be available late 2016. An upgrade will be required for all existing FS clients who wish to use responsive designs and the new platform.

Getting Started...

Optimizing Your Content for Mobile

Items you will want to look for to ensure your website's content is mobile optimized:

  • Large Elements: Large images or tables that do not or cannot fit on the mobile screen. Consider creating a similar mobile only content page for this content.

  • Unplayable content: This consists of certain types of videos, or other content, that are not playable on mobile devices, such as license-constrained media or media that requires Flash. You will want to test any pages with video or animation to ensure it displays on your mobile device.

  • Faulty redirects: If you have separate mobile URLs, you must redirect mobile users on each desktop URL to the appropriate mobile URL (this is done automatically for our LinkU mobile sites)

  • Irrelevant cross-links: This is when users are linked to desktop-optimized pages from the mobile version of the site, and vice versa. Check your links to make sure that they point to the correct equivalent page.

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