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How to insert RSS feed content into a custom page.
How to insert RSS feed content into a custom page.
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You can easily insert most RSS content into anywhere within your custom pages. For website performance and loading reasons, you are able to insert a maximum of 1 feed per page.

To insert a feed into your webpage, use the syntax below:

You can copy from here:

The portion in RED, is the URL to the RSS page you want to display content from.

Make sure when you insert your RSS URL, the editor does not automatically convert it to a link, otherwise it will not work. If you enter the RSS URL and the editor automatically converts it to a link, click Undo, so the link is removed.

Important Tip! You CANNOT use an RSS feed located on the same domain name as your custom page. If you want to do this, you must use a 3rd party, such as Feed Burner, to send the feed to, then insert the feed burner URL into your custom page. This is because when the content is on the same server, it can cause your website to lock up.

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