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Using the Documents & Files page
Using the Documents & Files page
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With the Documents & Files feature you can upload files, such as PDFs or Word Documents to share with your clients.

One easiest way is to use the Documents & Files page. This will display all your uploaded documents and files on one page. You can also setup categories to better organize them.

The second way is to create a link to your document directly from one of your content pages. See the related article.

This method covered here is using the Documents & Files page.

To upload files for your clients to view or access, do the following:

  1. Login to your website admin.

  2. Click the Documents & Files icon.

  3. Click the link, Upload Document or File.

  4. Check the box "Clients".

  5. Select the category to put the document in (you can create categories to better organize your files on your web page).

  6. Click Browse to select the file you want to upload.

  7. Once your file is uploaded you will be given a link you can use in case you wanted to link to the file from your own page. However there is no need, a Documents & Files page is included with your website, which will automatically display your files for download by your visitors.

  8. Next you need to activate your Documents & Files Menu item on your website.

  9. Click to Return to Main Menu.

  10. Click Navigation Menu.

  11. Click Edit Navigation Menu.

  12. Find the Documents & Files item.

  13. Enable it by checking the left box.

  14. Click Save Changes.

  15. Your documents and files are now displayed on your website on your Documents & Files page.

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