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How to add YouTube videos to your website or listings
How to add YouTube videos to your website or listings
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To post YouTube videos on your site you will need to do the following steps:
 You should have two browser windows open, one with the page that you want to edit in your LinkU Admin Panel and the other with the video on YouTube that you want to post on your site.

  1. In your LinkU Admin Panel on the page that you want to add the video to.

  2. On the page or listing you are adding video, type some text where you want the video to appear, for example "VIDEO GOES HERE". Center or align the text as needed.

  3. Next, click on the HTML tab on the bottom left of the content editor

  4. The HTML button and you will see the content in the editor change into all code, this is okay.

  5. Now open the other window that you have open, with the YouTube video on it.

  6. Underneath the actual video player, there are four buttons. You will need to click "Share". This will expand and show a little box with a URL. Ignore the URL and click the first button on the right of the URL labeled "Embed". This will expand the box even further and highlight the "Embed Code" that we need. Copy the highlighted code (CTRL+ C on a PC and CMD C on a MAC).

  7. Now that you have copied the code that we need, go back to the page that we are editing in your LinkU Admin Panel.

  8. Find the text you typed in earlier, in this example we used "VIDEO GOES HERE".

  9. Once you find the text, highlight it and delete it.

  10. Where the cursor is at this time, is where you will want to paste the YouTube HTML. Use the Paste icon in the editor, or CTRL+V.

  11. You can now put the content editor back in "Normal" Mode and save your page.

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