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Photo Galleries do not display properly.
Photo Galleries do not display properly.
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Problem: Viewing your photo galleries on your website is problematic, and seems to be broken, or partially off-screen.

Cause: In June, 2013 our Photo Gallery function was upgraded to a Javascript based system from our old Flash-based system. With that switch, your photo galleries now work on Apple products such as iPads and iPhones. However, some of our older sites running off of our 1.0 platform have been found to have conflicts with the new code.

What to look for:
(Possible signs your site is running on the 1.0 platform)

  1. When entering a photo gallery, the screen darkens in preparation of the presentation, but no image shows up.

  2. You see the loading graphic, but no image loads.

  3. The loading graphic is visible, then disappears, then reappears, as if cycling through images (however, no images are displayed).

  4. The screen remains dark and you may or may not see the loading graphic, and you periodically see portions of images at the bottom of the screen.

  5. The photo gallery seems to "work", but images bleed off of the page, and may only be partially visible.

  6. Some of your photo galleries may not be affected, and others (usually those with more photos) run into problems.

Solution: Call Customer Support to have your site upgraded to our 2.0 platform. If you already are running on an up-to-date platform, Customer Support will be able to assist you in narrowing down the problem.

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