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Can agents edit their own listings?
Can agents edit their own listings?
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Agents can have access to managing their own listings only with the LinkUBroker upgrade. The LinkUBroker upgrade when enabled, would allow you to create a login name and password for your agents so they may login to the LinkURealty admin section and add listings, edit listings, print flyers.

If you have the LinkUBroker upgrade, then you can create usernames and passwords in the admin section under the Our Agents section. To create an agent user, do the following:

  1. Click on Agents & Offices.

  2. If you do not have any agents with profiles, you will need to add a new agent. You can do this by clicking, Add Agent and follow through the steps. If you already have agents with profiles, please proceed with the following steps.

  3. Click on View Agents.

  4. Now find the agent you would like to edit and click, Edit Profile.

  5. Check the checkbox, "Provide Login?" to enable logins for the agent.

  6. Now enter the "Login Name" and "Password" information that you would like to set for that agent.

  7. Click Next Step and follow the steps until the profile is complete.

Agents will be able to login to their website administration at using their Login Name and Password. Once logged in, they can add/manage their listings from this control panel.

Note: Your agents will not have access to the same administrative control panel that the primary user name and password will have access to. The agents will have a limited administrative control panel, which will allow them to only edit their listings, contact information, etc.

Agents can add their own listings or add listings for any agent that has been added to your Our Agents section, however once added, they cannot edit listings not assigned to their account.

If you are logged in as the main account, you can also add listings and assign them to Agents, also known as sub accounts, these are the agents in your Our Agents section.

For other features offered by the LinkUBroker upgrade, refer to our websites Features section.

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