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How do my agents create their own profile page or bio using the LinkUBroker feature?
How do my agents create their own profile page or bio using the LinkUBroker feature?
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Your agents can customize and create their own bio using our LinkUBroker feature. In order for an agent to do this, you must have created a login for the agent and added them to your agent roster.

To create a login for an agent, do the following:

  1. Login to your admin.

  2. Click on Agents & Offices.

  3. Click Add Agent.

  4. Check the box Provide Login and enter a login name and password.

  5. Enter the agents information.

  6. You will notice a short bio and about section for the agent. The agent will have access to this section in their admin. You can leave these blank for now or enter the agents bio.

  7. Continue to follow the instructions to add the agent.

An agent can modify and create their profile page by doing the following:

  1. Agents will use their username and password to login at

  2. Once logged in an Agent will click on My Profile.

  3. They can create their profile page using the About section of the editor.

  4. They can enter links, html and more. Basically they are creating their own custom page for their bio.

  5. The short bio is used on the agent roster page. The agent will type in a short introduction to their profile here.

  6. Once finished, click Next Step.

  7. Add/Edit photo if necessary, otherwise click Skip this Step.

To view an agents page do the following:

  1. Open your website.

  2. Click on your Agent roster page, by default is named Meet Our Agents, you may have renamed it something else.

  3. Click on View Profile.

  4. Here you will see the agents page or profile on your website.

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