Adding keywords within your URLs can be very beneficial for search engines. You want to make sure to include keywords on the page, title and the URL.
 There is a little known secret on doing this in your LinkU control panel when creating custom pages. Let's say we are going to create a custom page about a topic, in this example, 'Search Engine Tips'.
 First you would create a custom page, then give the page a name like: search_engine_optimization_tips
 Then once you have added and saved the page, you can edit the page name, to something like "Search Engine Tips". Since the file was already created, editing the page name only edits the display name. The original file name will remain intact.
 Now your URL will look something like:
 (Note: Not an actual URL, just an example)

Now the keyword "search engine optimization tips" appears in the URL.
 A lot of webmasters and SEO consultants may say that the URL must be a static or appear static. Some will say dynamic URLs can't be read by Google and other search engines. The fact is, these are myths and are not correct. We do use dynamic URLs and our URLs work fine with all search engines. We do however, since clients insist, we do offer a variety of link options, based on the myth that the formatting of the URL matters.
 Feel free to review this article posted on the Official Google Blog:

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