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Can I create a duplicate link for an existing page on my navigation menu?
Can I create a duplicate link for an existing page on my navigation menu?
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In some cases you may need to create a duplicate link for existing links on your website. A typical reason for doing this would be if you wanted to put a link to a particular page in multiple categories.

You can do this by using the Menu Item Hyperlink feature. To create a Menu Item Hyperlink you must login to your admin section, then do the following:

  1. Click on Navigation Menu OR Website Content.

  2. Click on Add Menu Item Hyperlink.

  3. Enter the name of the link as you want it to display on your menu.

  4. Enter the URL where you want the link to go.

  5. Click Save Changes.

  6. The menu item is now available on your navigation menu.

  7. Return to the main menu, then click on Navigation Menu.

  8. Click on Edit Navigation Menu.

  9. Find the menu item you added and enable it and select the desired category for the item.

  10. Click Save Changes.

  11. The menu item will now appear on the websites navigation menu.

Limitations of the Menu Item Hyperlink
You cannot open a Menu Item Hyperlink in a new window, the Menu Item hyperlink is just a redirect to the URL you provide for the Menu Item Hyperlink.

Another limitation of Menu Item Hyperlinks is that they cannot be spidered by search engines, so you will always want to have the original menu item enabled somewhere and not just use Menu Item Hyperlinks.

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