Yes, even with the Print this Page link disabled, you can create your own custom link and still access the feature by manually creating your own link.

To create the link you will use the following URL:

Replace the text pagenamehere with the filename/page name of the page you will be displaying in the Print window. You can get this value by looking at the URL of your page on your website, for example:

In this case, the pagename is mytestpage, therefore you would use this name in place of the pagenamehere.

An example would be:
 <a href="javascript('mytestpage')">Print this Page</a>

The example above shows in HTML how the code would look.

Otherwise you can add the link easily using the standard insert hyperlink tool in your editor, so basically you would create a hyperlink as normal, then in the HREF field, enter: javascript('pagenamehere') , where pagename here is replaced with the name of your page.

Important Note: This type of link will only work on a custom page and the link must be located within the custom page.

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