When copying content from a Word file and then pasting it into the content editor, you may experience undesired results, such as the editor freezing or locking up, or reach content/character limits or be have difficuly editing the look to your liking.

This is because Word creates it's own HTML and when you paste it, the HTML associated with it comes with it. The best way to paste a Word document is to do the following:

Solution 1: Works best with simple content.

  1. Copy your content from WORD.

  2. Open the program Notepad. This can be found under your start menu, under Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad.

  3. Paste the content into Notepad.

  4. Copy the content from Notepad.

  5. Paste into the content editor for the desired page in your websites admin.

  6. You will need to format the text, such as any text sizes and bold, etc. in the editor.

Solution 2: Works best with formatted content or tables.

  1. Copy your content from WORD.

  2. While in the content editor, click on the Paste from Word icon.

  3. Click Insert.

  4. Click "Save Changes" on the bottom-right on the webpage.

  5. You can continue to edit the content how you see fit using the normal content editor.

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