Some IDX services allow you to do to a design integration so you do not have to use frames for your IDX search. Since the IDX company is hosting your IDX solution on their server you will need to duplicate the design from your website to their server. Using a LinkURealty websites helps make this process simple.

Your IDX provider should have a place where you can paste in HTML for the header and footer of your website. 

That is all your design HTML from the LinkURealty website have been added to your FirstIDX website. Next you may need to modify your IDX settings for design integration.

  1. To do this, in the LinkURealty admin, click on IDX Setup.

  2. Under the list of IDX links, click on Modify Settings.

  3. Under the IDX Display Settings, select IDX Design Integration.

  4. Click Save Changes.

  5. Repeat steps for all links which are using the PremiumIDX service and design integration.

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