There are a couple ways to do this. The more advanced way is to create your own inline frame in a custom page. Another option we offer to make it easier is to use our pre-built inline frame page by creating a link to it, or a Menu Item Hyperlink.

To do this, create a link like so...

This will create a link to our inline frame page and display the desired url or web page within it. If you are framing a link that contains variables, for example:

Then you must change the link slightly to make it work with the inline frame. The ampersand sign ("&") must be replaced with a "_amp_", so the link should look like this:

This is also the same with some other characters. If the link does not work properly, make sure to replace the following characters as follows:

- (dash) Replace with _H_
 . (period) Replace with _P_
 ? (question mark) Replace with _Q_

The width of the inline frame is always 100%. By default the frame height is set to 1250 pixels to eliminate the need for additional scroll bars. You can adjust the height of the inline frame by specifying an additional variable called "frameheight".

Lets say you wanted the height to be 400 pixels. So your URL would look like this:

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