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You can password protect custom pages on your website. You cannot password protect any standard default pages at this time, only custom pages.

You can allow users to request a password to be automatically e-mailed to them from your website, or you can provide them the password personally, and restrict all other users from obtaining the password from your website.

To use this feature, you need to create a new custom page, or edit an existing custom page from your website admin.

  1. Simply check the box "Password Protect?" to enable the password protection for that page.

  2. Enter a password in the "Password" field. The password cannot be blank. A blank password will not work properly.

  3. Check "Password Request Form" if you want the user to be able to request a password by e-mail. If not, then leave this box unchecked.

You can assign different passwords to each page. If you want one password to work for multiple pages, simply enable Password Protection, then use the same password on all pages where you want that password to work, this way the user only has to enter it one time.

Note: This is not a secure way to store information. Please keep in mind there are ways around the system and do not store personal information or senstive documents or information on these pages.

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